The Best of Both Worlds. Our location in the Bay Area, a nexus of world class research, education, technology, and leadership, offers advantages and experiences to our midshipmen not readily available at other NROTC units.

Learn more about the unit The knowledge you gain, unit camaraderie you build, and the challenges you overcome by working together with your fellow midshipmen and unit leadership will enhance and elevate your college experience. We offer academic and NROTC requirements advising, as well as tutors for those wanting some extra help in certain areas. Thursday afternoons and evenings at UC Berkeley. Naval Science classes. Special Events as scheduled, locations vary.

The Importance of Physical Fitness. Mission readiness and operational effectiveness are built on the physical fitness of the individual. Therefore, all NROTC students and military personnel shall maintain personal fitness by regular exercise and proper nutrition.

View Physical Readiness Standards. The quality of the teaching, opportunities available, and the camaraderie built make it a college experience like no other. By joining the program you are enabling yourself to develop personally and professionally.No Better Training Environment. While a standard Naval ROTC curriculum exists, the unit at UC Berkeley draws its strengths from its location in the heart of the Bay Area, the cultural center of technology and entrepreneurship with access to some of the world's leading experts in a variety of fields.

The quality of students at the universities that make up this program is second to none, and the program provides each midshipman a chance to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions with renowned experts in business, law, technology, public policy, international politics, and national security. The Berkeley campus is as diverse as any in the world, offering a training environment that challenges the assumptions of every student and provides a fundamental training environment for future military officers.

As Admiral Nimitz wrote to our unit in He must have basic knowledge in a variety of subjects. When he had [sic] graduated and has been commissioned and goes to sea for cruise he will then understand the need for so much study and such large number of subjects.

His comments remain as true now as they were inand the NROTC program at UC Berkeley will ensure you receive a broad and well-rounded education alongside your intended program of study.

After the the Navy and Air Force ROTC relocated to Hearst Gymnasium, a new Nimitz Library was founded with the few relics that remained from the fire along with a growing collection of books and memorabilia on military science, national affairs, military history and change makers in history.

While the new library continues to rebuild its collection, it has once again become a spot for midshipmen to socialize and study under the watchful gaze of its namesake. Top: the original Nimitz Library, circahoused in Callaghan Hall, which burned down in Above: the new Nimitz Library in the Hearst Gymnasium, One of the Original Six. Today, the unit has five active-duty personnel, two civilian staff members, and midshipmen hailing from Berkeley itself, and its crosstown affiliates: California Maritime Academy, University of California at Davis, and Stanford University.

Enrollment Forms

Read more about UC Berkeley's long tradition of military training and service, including its once mandatory military instruction, distinguished veterans, and its expanding center for student-veterans View Physical Readiness Standards.UC Berkeley. Press Releases. Image Downloads. Meet Anna Elzeftawy. The UC Berkeley sophomore's nose sports a small stud, while a skinny braid dangles from her curly mop of hair. She's currently majoring in mechanical engineering, after brief flings with political science, economics and history.

uc berkeley rotc

Her long-term career plan, however, is firm: "I want to fly and eventually be an astronaut. I think space in general is really exciting.

Her Egyptian parents were surprised, but they weren't nearly as shocked as her friends in the Muslim Student Association. But it's good they ask, because now they're wondering, 'If Anna can be in the military, then what's it all about? Although most people say "Rotsy," the letters should be pronounced individually.

Thirty-five freshmen are now enrolled in NROTC, an astonishing 75 percent increase from 's freshman class. Last year's Army ROTC program had only eight freshmen; 12 enrolled this fall, bringing the army's total to The Air Force, meanwhile, has seen its total enrollment jump to 62 from about This year five freshmen enrolled, two of whom are Berkeley students one of them female.

Any student can take the military science classes, which include military history, tactics, and specialized areas such as aerospace studies. Those who choose the ROTC track are expected to commit to the rest of the program at the end of their freshman year, although sophomores and juniors can also join under certain circumstances.

But even without the scholarship I would have done it. In addition to the military science courses, ROTC must maintain physical training requirements for running, push-ups, and sit-ups; learn drills and shine their boots properly; and spend a few summers at boot camp learning about areas of specialty by following active-duty service members.

On a mission "Recruiting as well as retention are sky high this year, and some of the reason is financial," says Captain Lee Rosenberg, director of Berkeley's Military Affairs program and commanding officer of the NROTC. He's also a Cal parent: his daughter just started nuclear engineering classes as a Berkeley freshman.

Depending on when the student enrolls, scholarships are available that cover from one to four years' worth of full tuition and fees, plus a stipend. ROTC enrollees who are not on scholarship receive a small monthly salary for their service. ROTC students also leave Berkeley with a guaranteed job: at the end of the program, after they graduate, they are awarded an officer's commission that requires four years of active-duty service and four years of reserve service.

For scholarship recipients, however, there's one catch; if you fail to graduate or want out of the program, you have to repay the government's generosity either through enlisted service or out of pocket. That could end up being a rather large debt, particularly for students at a private university.

Berkeley senior Lauren Kent, the NROTC's battalion commander, joined the program as a freshman primarily for the scholarship, but says the leadership training she's received has been even more valuable.You will not be required to submit any of the information officially uploading copies of official forms during the initial application cycle. If your application is approved, you will be asked to validate your application, to include your birth certificate and social security card.

Most times, the student will hear earlier. We use Application Rounds to streamline the admissions process. This allows our Admissions Officers to fully vet each applicant while also allowing us to notify prospective students as early as possible.

Applying in Round 1 or 2 will not affect your admission chances.

ARMY ROTC Q&A!! + Scholarships, Basic Camp, Free College and Grad/Med School!

Qualified late admits may be deferred to a future semester as a result of applying late. To ensure this is not an issue, please be sure to apply within the normal registration window!

The activities consist of:. As part of your application, you must indicate that you can attend the below activities each week. This is the standard schedule for a Freshman starting during the spring semester. Application — Fall The basic approval process for your application.

uc berkeley rotc

Application Rounds. Why do we use Rounds? Application Needs. Apply Now Start your application now! Other Important Information. Page last update: December 10, Questions or Comments Need more information prior to applying? Contact Us.Topics covered include military courtesy, military history, basic first aid, basic rifle marksmanship, land navigation, rappelling, fundamentals of leadership, map orienteering, field training, and drill and ceremony.

These courses are open to non-ROTC students without military obligation. These courses except the leadership laboratory are open to non-ROTC students without military obligation. The second year is an expansion of the topics taught in the first year of the program. Cadets are introduced to tactics, troop leading procedures, basics of operations orders, and ethics. The course sequence in this year is mainly focused on the application of leadership and small-unit tactics.

Berkeley’s military history

Third year cadets practice briefing operations orders, executing small-unit tactics, leading and participating in physical training, and preparing for successful performance at the five-week leader development and assessment course during the summer following the third year.

Attendance at the course is mandatory. This is the final year of the ROTC program and the main focus is preparing cadets to become successful lieutenants in the United States Army upon graduation and commissioning.

Senior cadets apply for their branches career fields of interest in the fall and receive the branch results from the ROTC selection board in the winter. Cadets are assigned cadet battalion staff positions and are responsible for evaluating MSIII cadets and executing training operations and missions.

The physical fitness class is designed to help educate and train students with the fundamentals of physical fitness.

The focus of the class is to expand the knowledge base of students in order to better prepare them to create their own fitness regiments. It is open to all students, but required for all cadets and students interested in joining the Army ROTC program.

Military Science II: Sophomore Year The second year is an expansion of the topics taught in the first year of the program. Military Science III: Junior Year The course sequence in this year is mainly focused on the application of leadership and small-unit tactics.As the large st single source of Navy and Marine Corps officers, the Navy ROTC Scholarship Program plays an important role in preparing mature young men and women for l eadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Navy and Marine Corps.

Selected applicants for the Navy ROTC Scholarship Program are awarded scholarships through a highly competitive national selection process, and receive full tuition, books stipend, educational fees a nd other financial benefits at many of the country's leading colleges and universities.

For admissions information, please visit the website for the school in which you are interested. Selected students receive the following benefits at many of the nation's leading colleges and universities:.

uc berkeley rotc

Full tuition. Books stipend. Educational fees. Other financial benefits. The 31st of December prior to the start of the fall school year for which you are applying. College Program. The College Program is available for students who have either missed the deadline or were not accepted for a national scholarship. They participate in all unit activities with the exception of summer cruise and are held to the same standards as scholarship midshipmen. College program students have the opportunity to compete for 3— and 2—year scholarships as they progress through the program.

College Program Application Deadline:. The 31st of May prior to the start of the fall school year for which you are applying. The program educates and trains young men and women for leadership positions in an increasingly technical Navy and Marine Corps.

Selected applicants for the program are awarded scholarships through a highly competitive national selection process, and receive full tuition and other financial benefits at many of the country's leading colleges and universities. View Physical Readiness Standards.Today, we at the Golden Bear Battalion continue that tradition of excellence through a rigorous and highly supportive program centered around the development of Scholars, Athletes, and Leaders.

Help Paying for College. Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, and monthly stipends are available through a number of sources. If you are interested in finding ways to help fund your college education through The Golden Bear Battalion, there are staff members dedicated to guiding you and assisting you through the process.

ROTC is open to all men and women enrolled as full time students at UC Berkeley or any of the numerous affiliate schools at neighboring colleges.

ROTC classes are taken for academic elective credit and fulfill some college breadth requirements. Military Science classes enhance your regular academic schedule with practical leadership and management experience not available in a normal classroom environment. Weekly Leadership Labs provide a training environment where cadets apply their leadership skills and military knowledge.

Basic and Advanced Courses. However, Cadets may elect to commit to military service as early as their Sophomore year without a scholarship. Joining as a Junior. The qualification criteria for these Cadets however is much more selective. Contact us if you need more information about qualifying as an incoming Junior.

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