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The current version we have may be the latest version number, but it most certainly does not have the latest code and updates. Some of these updates are very useful indeed. Having the new options in our Serviceapp on ATV like Pli have in their version, would be of great benefit to all users and many would be grateful of the new Serviceapp build on the ATV feeds. Skip to content.

serviceapp openpli

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. So are you saying we are not going to get them until mx3L updates his version number?

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Learn More. Messages: Guys I'm getting an error when trying to access plugins list, after installing serviceapp from feeds. It installed succesfully on my other solo2 last month.

But now I get this error trying to install on another solo2 both genuine. Please see the attached screenshot. Hi, Try with Telnet, this command SatmanMay 26, If don't work, try this fix Messages: 4, What fix? The thread you posted in, is more than 2 years old and ServiceApp perfectly works in all latest OBH versions. Install the last OBH, then. AlexwilmacJan 2, Said that now the question is complete how it should have been we are not there with youthis means that the problem is almost certainly not ServiceApp but this plugin.

serviceapp openpli

What happens if you play other videos not in Mediaportal, but your video files by ServiceApp? If they work, this would confirm that is this plugin to be fixed and you should ask its authors.

Serviceapp error

And what happens if you change the ServiceApp default player? AlexwilmacJan 3, You can find the latest firmware images for your receiver in the appropriate section below.

Instructions for installing flashing our firmware can be found in the supported receivers section of our wiki. Depending on the receiver you have, you may find different versions, and types of firmware image:. Stable releases are supported for endusers through the support section on our forums website. We support endusers in Dutch, English and German. Feedback on Release candidates can be given in the support forums as well.

This link will also appear at the top of this page, as a reminder you are about to download an image that is considered unstable. Downloads You can find the latest firmware images for your receiver in the appropriate section below.

Depending on the receiver you have, you may find different versions, and types of firmware image: Stable release. This version is deemed suitable for every day use, even if you are a novice or not technically savvy. Release candidate.

These are precursors to a stable release, used for final public testing before creating a stable release. Only use if you want to test and report back issues to the forum. Images created from the latest development codebase. These are for developers only, unstable, and may break at any point. Supplier of high-quality standard, Unicable and JESS multiswitches, terrestrial and cable amplifiers and accessories.Was ist neu?

Angemeldet bleiben? Ergebnis 1 bis 2 von 2. Thema: ExtEplayer3, ServiceApp - iptv stream with no sound. Themen-Optionen Druckbare Version zeigen. Box Thanks gegeben 54 Thanks bekommen Percent ExtEplayer3, ServiceApp - iptv stream with no sound Hi all, I have problem with TV streams iptv streaming video from my internet provider and audio tracks inside.

MastaG pre-installed into the image a several pugins: - IPTVPlayer - ExtEplayer3 with ffmpeg - ServiceApp which provides playback and stream under a different service than the system - additional libraries Internet video-streaming there works great. There is not a sound problem.

With the VLC video player on Windows platform all streams work perfectly too. Sometimes when I run an internet stream, so audio cuts out. Not hear any sound. At other times the sound is intermittent.

Then I must switch to another channel other iptv stream and back - and then starts the sound correctly.

serviceapp - gstplayer and exteplayer3

What's wrong? Any idea please? Help me please I am system programmer, but my Linux skills are low Problem was solvedJump to content. Posted 30 June - I'm having trouble trying to run commands via telnet to install Exteplayer3. Posted 6 July - WaveFrontier That is quite possible, although I am surprised. But if you reinstall the service app and ffmpeg via exteplayer3, the structures of the internal player are changed. That should be protected in and of itself. The service app itself is based on the background of existing gst mediaframwork Servicemp3 and it will not be touched.

This is different with Hisi, hence SeviceHisilicon. This is actually the Code sh4 people known as Servicelibpl, only with more options. If something does not work internally, then you should look it in the ServiceHisilicon and ffmpeg itself. This is usually fixed quickly. No matter What I wanted to say is Structure of the internal player may be broken. Posted 7 July - Oder bezieht sich seine Aussage wieder wie so oft auf der Basis einer anderen Box eben keine Hisi Box?

The ffmpeg is built quite openly, like here in the pli and also in the OE-Core.

serviceapp openpli

Used is the 3er version. I had when the 4 in OE Core changed directly suspected that this certainly does not work with the Hisi boxes.Jump to content.

Posted 13 April - Hello, For those who don't know samsamsam created excellent IPTVPlayer plugin, he also managed to create players for this plugin which run in separate process, so it's possible to have entire control over playback.

One of these players also uses ffmpeg which was not used for playback in mipsel receivers yet. Comparison of exteplayer3 ffmpeg to gstplayer gstreamer1. I really like the idea of separating player from enigma2 and running it as external process. We don't have to move quite big enigma2 binary to receiver in order to test. We can test player from command line without enigma2 running and AFAIK this should also mean that there are no memory leaks created by player process after it exits. Note, I've added this experimental sink with no intention of replacing original one.

It's there so you know how can we have more sinks and make comparisons on the fly. For example this can be useful to have one sink stable and introduce new changes in experimental one, so users can freely switch between them if they want to try experimental one and report back if there are any problems, and if there are they can switch back to stable, etc.

For exteplayer3 there is no recipe yet, since source is not public. For now you have to build or download pre-built ffmpeg and exteplayer3 binary. Certainly there are mistakes but hopefully not manyany input is welcome. Posted 14 April - From what little I have experienced I "know" very, very little, since I am from Humanities, not [Tech] Sciences - maybe you could simplify it for us a bit?

Hope it helps and best of luck!!! I tested OpenATV etc. Unfortunately this player is closed source???? So long that all this stuff is based on closed source it's a lie at start.

From what I saw, there was a promise of making it Open Source very soon He also already mentioned, that once he cleans it up source will be public. Posted 15 April - Posted 29 April - So in order to test it, the users have to run iptv player once and let it install exteplayer3, after that they can play around with serviceapp.

Alright bro. As for what is the difference between christophecvr and this one, I guess you have to run diff command or ask himbut IIRC in multiboxsink are some improvements with DTS downmix and there is also fix for using DTS timestamps when PTS are not available. Nice work guys, thanks to all involved. Now really looking forward to your next batch of images mastaG. IE the stream will stop playing due to a network dropout or similar issue and not resume, it will freeze Personally the m3u8 streams I'm watching from my enigma2 bouquets rarely freeze on my faster receivers like dmse, zegmma star h2h.

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How to install CCcam 2.3.0 on OpenPLi 6.1

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serviceapp openpli

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