Every TV in Samsung's 2020 TV lineup explained: Crystal UHD vs QLED

Samsung 4K UHD TVs provide excellent video quality out-of-the-box, but there are additional settings that can improve picture quality further for TV shows, sports, movies, and gameplay. Here are the best picture settings for a Samsung 4K TV. Screen menu appearance, setting labels, and options may vary by model series and year. In Settings, select System. In System, select Expert Settings. The TV can recognize and analyze the room, content, and TV usage patterns to provide the best viewing experience.

Intelligent Mode can be turned On or Off. The TV automatically adjusts the LED backlight output using ambient light sensors to analyze room light levels. Some modes or apps, such as the Ambient and Game discussed later Modes, might not support Adaptive Brightness.

In addition to the Intelligent modes or if your TV doesn't include those optionsthere are additional Picture Mode Presets available on all Samsung 4K TVs that can improve your picture quality for both video and movie sources. As illustrated previously, select Settings from the smart hub. In Settings, select Picture. In Picture, select Picture Mode. The Samsung Preset Picture modes include:.

Within the Special Viewing Mode category, the selections are:. Since this process involves conversion, it's not as accurate as it is with true HDR content. The result may look washed out or uneven from scene to scene. Although Samsung's preset and select viewing mode picture settings provide a quick way to get better picture quality, there are several additional manually-adjustable picture settings available in Expert Picture Settings that correct specific viewing problems.

Before adjusting the options in Expert Picture Settings, it is advisable to use standardized test images tailored for TV picture "calibration" as setting references. You can obtain these images from an app or disc such as the following:.

Below is an example of one of many standardized test patterns that might be on a test app or disc. In the Picture Menu, go to Expert Settings to customize your picture settings further—view results on the test images. Here are the settings you will have available.

The "best" setting points may vary slightly due to differences in how each person perceives color and contrast. Below the Apply Picture Settings option, there are additional settings available. If you're not satisfied with the picture setting results or find some of the setting options confusing, another course of action is to enlist a certified technician to assess and calibrate your TV's picture settings using additional equipment.

Tweet Share Email. You should maintain a written or typed record of changes for ongoing reference. More from Lifewire.Crystal UHD is the marketing name for televisions, Crystal UHD televisions, televisions with ordinary screen matrices made using standard technology without the use of materials on quantum dots. Screens made with less modern materials have an 8-bit color depth, dithering technology quick turn on and off the backlight is used to increase the number of shades.

TVs with such screens have UHD resolution. TV model numbers may vary by country.

Samsung 7 Series User Manual

This is the name of Crystal TVs, invented just because of marketing. Samsung has been producing televisions with such screens for the last 5 years, to distinguish TVs from other TVs and to show some new trends and such a name was invented. Since such televisions can be assembled from components made earlier, such televisions will go on sale in a little earlier. So in North America, such televisions are already available for pre-order, and their sale will begin on March 1, Nothing will change in the TV sets, they are budget segment TV sets with mediocre quality of screens and technical parameters, as they will remain, budget segment TV sets are almost the same for different manufacturers.

Is QLED better than OLED? - Unboxing a Massive QLED 8K TV!

It is quite possible that Samsung will start producing TVs of the budget segment under the outsourcing scheme. Why to order only the production of screens you can order the production of TV sets.

The production quality of the screens is now quite good at leading electronics manufacturers such as BOE, LG and others. Crystal UHD sounds more solid and subconsciously it seems to the person that he is buying something special. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.This particular review evaluates the inch TU, the smallest panel in the series. The TU series is the version of the RU, a product line that was designed to give maximum value for money.

Do the TU displays outperform earlier 8-series televisions in any meaningful way? The TV ships in a package that contains a power cable, a remote, and a pair of batteries. It does not ship with any media cables. The TU panel sits in a sturdy, charcoal black chassis that boasts a high-end design.

The textured plastic that makes up the chassis goes nicely with the ultra-thin bezels and angular edges of the TV. Just as impressive is the side profile of the TV. At only 2. Also at the back is a set of input ports.

Keep in mind that this TV only works with a V outlet. Like Morse code, different combinations of dots and dashes correspond to different commands. Moving on to the inputs. You can cast content via both types of connections, and WiFi capability allows you to link the TV with compatible smart devices in the home network. Physical installation is pretty straightforward. The TV legs attach easily, and without the need for screws.

If you choose to go the wall mount route, the inch TU ships with a mounting bracket. The quick-start guide has useful diagrams that will help you along. The OS will ask for your account details and give you the option to create a new Samsung account.

A step-by-step prompt will take you through setup, a process that also allows you to choose a voice assistant. Setup concludes at the Tizen home screen, which has a ribbon of apps and menu items at the bottom of the page. You get to enjoy beautiful images that take full advantage of the frameless look of the TU TV.The ultrafast processor transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.

Experience crystal-clear colors that are fine-tuned to deliver a naturally crisp and vivid picture. Powerful AI technology recommends streaming and live TV content all in one simple onscreen guide. An ultra-thin bezel on all sides for a stunningly clean look.

Automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices and content. The TV automatically adjusts settings to help games run smoothly. Go beyond Smart TV with next-generation apps, super easy control, and a host of enhancements that elevate your TV-watching experience.

Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription. Previous Next. SKU: Ask about this product. Vendor: Rayofshope. The Crystal Processor upscales content to 4K resolution for enhanced detail, and HDR technology delivers stunning color. This voice-controllable Samsung Smart 4K UHD TV supports hands-free use, and Bluetooth compatibility lets you link a soundbar or wireless headphones for customizable audio.

Features Crystal Processor 4K The ultrafast processor transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K. Crystal display Experience crystal-clear colors that are fine-tuned to deliver a naturally crisp and vivid picture. Universal guide Powerful AI technology recommends streaming and live TV content all in one simple onscreen guide.

Boundless design An ultra-thin bezel on all sides for a stunningly clean look. OneRemote function Automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices and content. Game enhancer The TV automatically adjusts settings to help games run smoothly. Motion Rate Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. What's Included. Display Type. Screen Size. High Dynamic Range Format. Backlight Type. Refresh Rate. Specific Manufacturer Technologies.

Smart Platform. Streaming Services. Works With. Voice Assistant Built-in. Product Name. Product Width. Product Height Without Stand. Product Depth Without Stand. Product Weight Without Stand. Adjustable Stand Width. Box Dimension.Samsung 4K crystal processor, smart TV powered by tizen, UHD 7 series, 3-side boundless design, smart speaker expandability Alexa-enabled devices with Google assistant compatibility, maximum x display resolution, flat panel, 2 channel speaker, Bluetooth 4.

Contact Owner. Advertise Online Advertise blogs Advertise Website Affiliated advertisement 3. Bicycles and Three Wheelers 6. Other Vehicles 1.

Education Books 8. Other Education Tuition Electronics Air condition Computer Accessories Fridge Games 1. Mobile Accessories Mobile Phones Office Electronics Other Electronics Oven 4. Sound System TVs Washing Machine Fish 1. Fruit 4. Homemade Foods 9. Honey Meat 3. Other Foods Samsung are bringing the lion's share of their CES lineup to Australia this year.

Each of these available in multiple sizes that start at around inches and go as wide as inches. Overall, the story that Samsung are trying to tell isn't all that different from the one they spun in It's just a little bit more affordable. This fancy-sounding nomenclature is largely just marketing, though the TU does tout a "Crystal" 4K image processor. In other words, if you're looking at buying one, you're looking at buying a fairly standard 4K TV. The design and pricing here reflects that.

Of course, while the TU Series lacks in special display technologies, it does still incorporate a number of perks previously reserved for the Samsung's more premium TVs models including Ambient Mode, One Remote Control and support for multiple voice assistants. This richer feature-set is the most noticeable and significant evolution here.

While Samsung have been experimenting with the idea of a lifestyle TV for a number of years now, represents the brand's most ambitious offering in the space yet. Previous approaches have been more focused on quality over quantity but this time around, there are multiple options to choose from. The easiest place to start here is The Frame. As with previous versions of this product, Art Mode remains a big focus you can even search for specific pieces using your voice and the latest Frame TV comes enhanced by the same kind of quantum dots you'll find in Samsung's premium Q-series TVs.

The biggest changes this year concern sizing and availability. Consumers will still get their choice of one of three different bezel options, but the Frame is now available in more and larger sizes.

It's also no longer a Harvey-Norman exclusive. The lifestyle TV is available in six sizes, with prices listed below:. Samsung are also offering a slightly-updated take on the Serif. It features a unique design with a built-in stand that leaves the Serif looming tall over more conventional big-screen TVs. As reported on in January, Samsung's new Sero TV has a inch display, 4K resolution, quantum dots and plenty else besides.

As with previous years, Samsung's Q-Series is very much 'the main event' of the brand's TV range. And with the exception of the entry-level Q60T, every model in this year's Q-Series is equipped with Samsung's Quantum image processor.

As with Samsung TVs from last year that incorporated this particular component, models with this processor use AI-trained algorithms to automatically upscale content and the level of brightness, contrast and noise on the screen.

The key difference this time around is that the newer Quantum processor is able to create its own content upscaling algorithms if it can't find a reference point to draw from.

samsung crystal uhd 7 series

On paper, this has the makings of an interesting and potentially significant upgrade on what Samsung's previous image processors have offered. After all, these days one of the most significant differences aside from display technology between the various brands playing in the home entertainment space is the quality of their upscaling tech. That being said, it's not hard to imagine how it could all go so very wrong either.

Algorithms are only as good as the people who program them. Available on select Q-series models, this feature uses embedded speakers to up-mix stereo content to an Atmos-like 3D surround style experience.SO easy to use and makes customers feel comfortable after checkout. So far, this app has been great.

It makes the return process so organized and easy. It's super simple to install and cus.

samsung crystal uhd 7 series

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samsung crystal uhd 7 series

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