To remove this ad click here. FerrariChat - The world's largest Ferrari community. R99MUS Rookie. Sep 26, 8 Full Name: Reece Musson. Hi, new to the site. Hopefully some one will be able to assist with my recent problem. My young son was sat in my car and decided to bite the wheel.

Can this be repaired? I hope so Sent from my iPhone using FerrariChat. Needs to be recovered. Lots of folks doing that. MAcarbon did mine. Red 27 likes this. May 13, 2, Uk. PTG1 Formula Junior. They bite anything those boys, got to keep a close eye on them at all times good luck with getting it sorted I'm sure someone will help you out.

Feb 5, 1, England Full Name: Mark. That wheel has been painted before using a vinyl and leather paint. Go for a retrim - it'll look x better than it does now even before the bites.

APA 1 Formula 3. Nov 5, 1, Central Florida. That's a heck of a bite! Time to fix the wheel.Audi of America, Inc. Specifications, features, options, fabrics, and colors are subject to change without notice. Search Go. Select Your Vehicle. You can edit the name of your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon on the right.

Something went wrong. Please try again. Select Your Vehicle Below:. VIN Go. No vehicles found. Select your vehicle below:. Genuine Audi Parts and Accessories keep you moving when it matters most.

Shop your local Audi parts counter online and contact your local dealer for questions regarding hours of operation and available services. Welcome to Audi of America, Inc. Never settle for less when it comes to what moves you. For original fit, performance and reliability choose Genuine Audi parts.

Preserve your Audi for miles to come. Your Nearest Dealers. Audi Peabody. Shop Now. Distance: Audi Norwell. Audi Cape Cod.

Enter your zip code: View More Dealers. Audi Sport. Select a Category. Car Care.Making a mighty whp from its turbocharged S54, this full-on E46 M3 is one hell of a performance machine.

Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Peter Wu. Many California residents would no doubt be shopping for something a little more laid back or perhaps something more American but not Ivan, who always had his heart set on something Bavarian.

Ivan wasted no time with his M3 build and got stuck into the mods pretty much straight away, kicking off with chassis and engine upgrades. A big-power build like this needs serious rubber to be able to actually use everything at your disposal, and serious rubber demands serious wheels.

Ivan is running 9. Now we come to the meat of the build, that turbo. One glance at the spec sheet tells you exactly why the turbo conversion took five months, because one does not simply strap a turbo to their S54 and be done with it — a lot of work goes into a build like this. The engine itself has been bolstered with ARP head studs, rod bolts and WPC treated rod bearings, an important piece of preventative maintenance on an S54 and absolutely essential on a turbo build. We begin with a single in-tank Walbro lph fuel pump, which sends fuel into a Radium Engineering surge tank where a further two Walbro s live and feed the massive FIC cc injectors under the bonnet.

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Inside, meanwhile, Ivan has given his M3 a road-racer flavour, leaving it nicely-appointed but adding an element of the hardcore to the cabin.

He has paid attention to every aspect of the build and has cut no corners at any stage. They have always been very welcoming and friendly, they are very fast and have great quality work, they always help me find the best mods for my car, and the car has proven to work and actually broke the standing half-mile record for a stock block E46 M3 at I also want to thank Steve and Robert at European Auto Source in Anaheim, California — since I got the car in EAS has helped me get any parts I need the same day and have always had the best customer service and are always willing to help.

Also I would like to thank Eric and Aaron at FSR Motorsports for helping me first turbo my car and allowing me to dyno tune at their beautiful shop. Last but not least the master tuner behind it all, my good friend Ian. He is a great tuner and is a great person; anytime I need help with anything he is ready to remote tune at all times and is just an email away!

Carbon Fiber Junkie

Anyone else that I did not mention thank you for being involved in the project and we are just getting started! Turbo S54 makes whp on E FSR intake manifold. Carbontastic carbon fibre steering wheel. Sparco Fighter seats for driver and passenger Rear seats have been removed. Loading cover Drag cover to reposition. Club Blog. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Subscribe to this blog post Unsubscribe Print. About the author. Elizabeth Points.

Stunning BMW 3.You can do it all with a Jeep. This appeal is what attracts many to owning a Wrangler, including K. Scott, Jr. As a custom car enthusiast, who has old schools, cars and trucks, this was his first lifted vehicle on his resume in addition to displaying at SEMA for the first time. Before even starting anything, the color red was chosen for his soon-to-be show-stopping creation. It so happens to also be his favorite color and the team colors of the Portland Trail Blazers, which was reminiscent of his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

To gain a better perspective of what he wanted for the end result, K. He watched hours of videos on YouTube and scoped out various IG and FB profiles dedicated to Jeeps to get the inspiration needed to finally head to the dealer and purchase a Rubicon. Along the way, K. Then there are the massive Plus, the response from others has also been great. I love the Jeep community as a whole as I have been welcomed into the community with open arms. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. David T June 10, David T October 9, David T October 7, David T October 1, Share Tweet Share Pin.

All rights reserved.Ravelco Anti Theft Device. Billet machined headset hangers with half clamp, mount easily to any roll cage or frame tubing. The unique design does not interfere with roof panels or require removal of any plating or roofing to install. Now available in multiple size options to accommodate virtually any vehicle on the market today! Sold individually, not in "sets". Just a shout out to mark at Gibson leather works.

Enjoy performance programming, tire calibration, and instant throttle response all in 1 remarketing product. The JK Security Glove Box provides an ideal replacement for the vulnerable plastic factory glove box. It creates a secure place to store valuables like phones, wallets, GPS units and other smaller valuables.

Made in the USA. Jeep Wrangler JK Interior Trim including complete interior trim kits, light cover trim guards, gear shifter trim, dashboard cover trim. Best Prices Online! This high quality, laser printed plate features a durable satin clear coat finish and self adhesive backing that installs in minutes. California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm; www. This steering wheel does not include trim and….

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Special Note This product utilizes the stock fender flares and does not include additional fenders or flares. Those would require them to be custom cut to fit our lights.

We have not attempted to custom fit our braces and lights to a sport fender yet. We do plan to attempted this in then near future. Experienced overlanders Adventure Curated have spent years upgrading and accessorizing their Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser to get it to a point that it allows them to go off-grid for weeks, even months at a time without needing to worry about plugging in to AC mains power.

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How, you ask? Years of extensive innovation, testing and development have led to the…. The emblem is bolted to the plate and will not…. Easy to install, grille-mounted front camera kit for the Wrangler JL. Includes everything needed to install the kit, no wire splicing, no screws.Audi is paving the way towards an electric future with the PB 18 E-tron. A shooting brake-style hypercar, the PB 18 is the definition of a concept car, with loads of futuristic technology and features.

The driver enters the car Aber auch bei den Sportwagen gibt's ein paar Highlights.

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The concept car Audi plans to show off at CES this week includes "laser-light headlights. Find high-resolution car images in our photo-gallery archive. The car features a 2. View detailed pictures that accompany our Audi Quattro Concept: Quick Spin article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features. Audi concept!

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Of course you do; this is one sexy, powerful ride. At the upcoming Frankfurt auto show, Audi will show the Sport Quattro concept, not only a year anniversary marker for its original Sport Quattro, but an illustration of incredible technological progress. Some of the coolest tuning projects in the world right now aren't even real.

However, only a few people try to take things to the next level with videos as well. The invention of the automobile was a pivotal moment for humanity. Not only did we have a new way to scale large distances comfortably, but it eventually gave rise to more complex vehicles like trucks. Are you one of them? The future fate of the Audi R8 looks uncertain. Some reports claim Audi's flagship naturally aspirated supe Audi R8 V10 Decennium Style, sneakers, art, design, news, music, gadgets, gear, technology, vehicles.

Tings we drool about. Adam Male Banner and Logo made by: voices. Guera mami. This blog is dedicated to beautiful pictures of animals, nature and more! Have fun! The Latest Cars This thread on the r1-forums got quite popular so will do the same here!

No need to "stage" the car…. Customer can transfer them from their OEM steering wheel. Audi has introduced a cutting-edge concept car named the PB18 E-Tron that shows what an electric supercar could look like. It's not designed with autonomous driving in mind; Audi wants enthusiasts to drive the PB It takes a little over 2 seconds to reach 60 mph from a stop thanks to three electric motors.

Audi have just released some official pictures of their gorgeous looking E-Tron Spyder. The car is currently a prototype and is being developed in. Audi Concepts. S Models. R Models. A Models.All Carbontastic steering wheels are modified from an OEM core, allowing for plug and play with no fitment issues.

Everything is customizable, select the color and materials of your choice without additional cost. Both tax and shipping are included for the lower 48 states. Worldwide shipping Available. For international orders, shipping will apply at checkout. At Carbontastic, we want our customers to achieve the most enjoyable driving experience possible. Our custom carbon fiber steering wheels far surpass the standard stock performance steering wheel in delivering the experience you desire.

BMW E46 M3

Discover all of the unique features of our steering wheel in the detailed list below. Need additional information? Contact us anytime with any questions or specific requests. Carbontastic offers many different styles of carbon fiber weaving. Enhance your customizable carbon fiber steering wheel with distinctive weaving options that will elevate your wheel to the next level.

Examples of carbon fiber fabric include the 4 x 4 weave and forge carbon fiber. CarbonTastic offers you the ability to customize your logo onto any of the products we sell. Create a unique, one-of-a-kind carbon fiber steering wheel and bring your vision to life. Carbontastic is an Online Auto Parts Store that offers top-of-line custom carbon fiber products and provides exceptional customer service to shoppers.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your CarbonTastic product, you may return your purchase within 15 days after receiving the item. In order to return a product, it must be new and unused, display no wear and tear, and be in its original packaging. Items may be returned by mail. All refunds are issued using the same form of payment that was originally used to complete the initial purchase. CarbonTastic products are modified from used OEM steering wheels.

All materials used on these modified steering wheels are new, with the exception of the steering body, airbag mounting plate, and multifunction button.

Shop Now. All-Inclusive Pricing No Hidden fees. Quick View. Maximize Your Enjoyment with Every Drive. We Care About the Details. Learn More. Feature Your Personalized Logo. Achieve the Ultimate Customization.

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